The term teaching styles talks to this reason that every student learns differently. Technically, the individual’s learning style relates to the preferential manner at which the student absorbs, processes, comprehends and holds knowledge. For instance, when studying how to make the clock, some students see this procedure by following verbal instructions, while others have to physically influence the clock themselves. The concept of personal learning styles has gained widespread acceptance in the education concept and classroom management strategy. Various learning styles depend upon cognitive, affective and environmental components, also as one’s prior experience. Put differently: Everyone’s other. It is critical for educators or tutors to see these differences in their students ’ learning styles so that they can use best practice strategies in their everyday actions, program, and assessments.

Students have dominant learning styles that they use in preference to other learning styles, there are some students who make use of multimodal learning styles preferences and also there are learning styles prevalent in faculties. But there is no learning style that is inferior to another, but learning styles have different attributes. Students interact with information differently, hence their variety of learning styles. Further asserts that students are drawn into certain disciplines because of the similarities that exist between the learning demands of a specific discipline and the students’ learning styles. Students with multimodal learning styles may adjust to different teaching styles and learning environments.

According to the NASSP task force, styles are hypothetical constructs that help to explain the learning (and teaching) process. They posited that one can recognize the learning style of an individual student by observing his or her behavior. (Keefe, James W., March 1985):138 Learning has taken place only when one observes a relatively stable change in learner behavior resulting from what has been experienced.

A learning style is a way of learning. YOUR preferred learning style is the way in which YOU learn best. Three learning styles that are often identified in students are the Auditory Learning Style, the Visual Learning Style, and the Tactile/Kinesthetic Learning Style. Read about each of these learning styles to identify YOUR preferred learning style.

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