1 year for Fashion Design and Technology.

6 months for Dressmaking (Womenswear)
6 months for Bridalwear (Wedding Gown)
6 months for Suit Tailoring

3 months for Make-up
3 months for Beaded Jewelry
3 months for Graphic Design

Yes, and you will be allowed if only the condition at the institution meets the attachment requirements of the school.

Yes, and these items are listed in your prospectus attached to your admission letter.

Applications only ends when we have enrolled the total applicants we require for a stream.

Applicants can only apply when the school opens admission for a course.

When your required document(s) do not meet the admission requirements.

Yes, we do have hostel facilities.

Hostel Fee

1-year Fashion Design and Technology: GHC800 for Ghanaian applicants and $150 for foreign applicants.

3 months Beaded Jewelry, Make-up and Graphic Design: GHC350 for Ghanaian applicants and $70 for foreign applicants.